Partnership that

breaks new ground
strengthens results
elevates performance
opens possibilities

For leaders and teams who are changing the way we live and work.

ClearSpace designs and delivers elite programs for leaders and their teams who are prepared to make a serious and long-term commitment to their own individual development and collective effectiveness.

For Executives

Conscious leaders shift from reactive, short-term firefighting to intentional, long-term impact and growth.

We help you get there. 

For Teams

High performing teams move past artificial harmony to engage in creative conflict, shared accountability, and exceptional results.

We help you grow together.

For Organizations

When it comes to producing sustainable, long-term results, your organization’s culture is either your source of strength or your main weakness.

Organizations that are intentional about their purpose and values – and walk their talk – achieve greater results and attract and retain top talent.

We help you focus on what matters most.

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Client Experience

“I appreciate the simplicity and purity of what we’re working on with ClearSpace. Being honest, truthful and transparent. The heart of it is showing up as authentic not analytical. Pure, straightforward, authentic. Over time we’re shifting from trying to be “perfect” to daily and weekly progress. Shifting from complex problems to simple, clear execution. Let’s do the basics well!”    

Peter Rentschler
CEO, Metafora

“ClearSpace’s tremendous passion and commitment have been especially invaluable bringing people together during times of conflict. They have been a powerful partner to City Staffing making each of us graciously accountable. ”

Ellen Dettling
Co-Owner, City Staffing

“With a gentle but firm hand, ClearSpace helped me work through various opportunities to better collaborate with other board members and the retailer members within the co-operative environment. They are a valuable shepherd, helping me to know myself better so I am able to care for, lead, and encourage others in the various gardens in which I serve.”

David Ziegler
Former Board Chair, Ace Hardware