Culture Creation and Alignment

From Scrambling to Scaling

Culture Should Be a Competitive Advantage

In today’s world of increasing complexity, organizations have to be resilient and adaptable – as well as effective – to produce the results that matter most. Smart leaders know that in healthy cultures:

  • There’s clear purpose or “why” as well as a living, breathing set of values
  • People want to grow as human beings, not just do a job
  • Leaders focus on both care and challenge, relationships and results
  • Everyone holds themselves and each other accountable and learns from mistakes

Organizations with strong, intentional cultures make the shift:

Creating Culture

High-performing organizations are clear on their Why, How and What:

  • Why – Why are we in business? What is our purpose?
  • How – How do we want to work with each other and our stakeholders? What are our values?
  • What – What results do we create together? What will success look like?

Most businesses focus primarily on the “What”.

But, the “Why” engages people’s hearts and passions, and the “How” makes our work efficient, effective and fulfilling.

ClearSpace helps clients:

  • Discern, establish and communicate the purpose of their businesses
  • Identify core values and make them real in the life of the organization through clear behaviors, decision-making and results

Strengthening Culture 

Creating culture is one thing. Maintaining and growing it is quite another.

For the organization to thrive, leadership must embody the culture in its decision-making and actions, and team members must commit. When all the oars enter the water at the same time, velocity occurs!

ClearSpace helps clients strengthen their cultures by engaging leaders and team members with programs to build:

  • Self-awareness and personal responsibility
  • The ability to create powerful agreements, hold each other accountable and learn through breakdowns
  • Continuous learning through a feedback-rich environment
  • The capacity for constructive conflict and innovation

Aligning Culture

A reality of today’s business is rapid change, including mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. During such transition, parts of the business may have different (sometimes radically different) cultures at play – either by design or by default. It’s almost as if people are speaking different languages, struggling to be clear on the Why, the How and the What.

ClearSpace helps clients:

  • Align the culture and expectations at the senior leadership level 
  • Increase clarity and commitment within lower levels of the organization
  • Create the structure and practices to embody the aligned culture