Our Toolkit

We sharpen our skills so we can help you sharpen yours

We take pride in bringing best-in-class leadership development strategies and resources to our clients and maintain a robust toolkit of training and certifications.

3 Vital Questions (Formerly The Empowerment Dynamic)

Probably the most “sticky” concept we share with teams. David Emerald’s model of the Dreaded Drama Triangle and The Empowerment Dynamic has had a powerful impact on the leaders and teams we work with. Being able to identify when we’re in the Victim, Persecutor or Rescuer roles; and shift to the Creator, Challenger and Coach – helps reduce the high cost of drama and activate the creative mindset and behaviors needed for innovation, growth and collaboration. His work is embodied in his two books: “The Power of TED*: The Empowerment Dynamic” and “3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama”. 

iEQ9 Enneagram by Integrative Enneagram Solutions

While there are many enneagram tools out there, we use the Integrative Enneagram, or iEQ9, for its reliability and robust reporting for leaders and teams. The iEQ9 offers unique clarity about your unconscious habits, motivations and drives. With this awareness comes more centered, flexible and effective leadership. The iEQ9 is also unique in its robust team reports that reveal the strengths and blind spots of leadership teams. The Integrative Enneagram is the product of over 13 years of continuous research in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and computer science; resulting in the most scientifically accurate and technically robust personality typing tool on the market. With this, we can ensure that we are offering our clients an unrivaled level of insight into crucial facets of their being and their team’s leadership of the organization.

The Kolbe Index

Our complement to the enneagram is the Kolbe A™ Index from our friends at Kolbe Corp. Unlike the enneagram, which is a personality test, the Kolbe Index tells us about our work style – how we execute and produce results as individuals and teams. We’ve been using the Kolbe Index with teams since 2008 to help individuals feel productive and happy, and for teams to align their efforts to be more effective and efficient. Certified for hiring, the Kolbe Index is also a powerful tool for profiling key roles and in recruiting and selection of new team members.

The Leadership Circle Profile 360

We’ve used many 360-degree feedback tools over the years, but the best in class for executives is the Leadership Circle Profile 360 or LCP360.

The LCP360 stands out due to its comprehensive approach that combines behavioral assessment with the underlying thought patterns that drive behavior. This tool not only highlights areas of strength and competency but also sheds light on the internal assumptions that can limit effectiveness. By providing this dual perspective, it empowers leaders to enact meaningful change and development in their leadership style.

Minds at Work Immunity to Change Process

Minds at Work helps individuals, teams, and organizations make those personal and collective changes that are most important to them — but have proven resistant even to thoughtful plans and heartfelt intentions.

Minds at Work delivers the Immunity to Change method in several formats via conferences, organizational consultation, customized programming, personal coaching, and coach-certification programs. Their approach is based on years of research in adult development and they are continuously expanding their approach. Many professional service organizations now make use of the ideas and practices from Minds at Work.

New Ventures West – Integral Coaching

Integral Coaching is an ongoing, evolving methodology intended to be the most comprehensive response to human life. In their work with clients, Integral Coaches hold being practical (aid for the short-term) and integral (developing over time). This response meets a person exactly as they are at a particular moment in time. It is about what to do now and sees this instance as a particular manifestation of something larger. It is a way of coaching that feels doable for the client and provides long-term impact so that the client experiences richer, longer-lasting growth.