What We Stand For

The ClearSpace approach is whole person, whole organization. We take an approach that encompasses all aspects of the individual, team and organizational experience that must be integrated for productive and sustained growth. Our programs are designed to support the mindsets, beliefs and relationships that make up the foundation of your business.

Our coaching and consulting work creates and sustains new ways of thinking and working together that allow organizations and individuals to perform at both higher levels of achievement and greater levels of transparency, authenticity and fulfillment. The power and momentum an organization can achieve is tremendous when their employees, leaders, teams and strategies are aligned.

We stay focused on what we’re most passionate about: helping people, teams and organizations grow, evolve and make a positive difference in the world. 

What Guides Us

Our values drive everything we do.


Whether we can see it or not, in every moment we each have the power to choose.


We resist the trap of “win-lose”, instead creating solutions that have us all win together.


We love to grow! That includes ourselves, our clients and winning the game of business results. 

Leadership Team

Thea Durfee Polancic

Managing Partner

Lee Capps

Managing Partner

Whitney Capps