Team Performance

From Compliance to Collaboration

Are You Bowlers or Basketball Players?

Do you have a group of bowlers – talented, smart, individual contributors who manage their silos? Or a high-performing basketball team – top athletes who depend on each other for success, where the team is greater than the sum of its parts?

Being a true team requires openness and vulnerability, the willingness to ask for help and the courage to challenge each other and have peer-to-peer accountability.

To create higher levels of performance, teams make the shift:

Helping Successful Teams Level-Up

Sheer talent will only get you so far. Despite hiring the best and the brightest, most CEOs say they get only a 60% return on their leadership team and strategy. The next level of team performance requires new mindsets as well as skills. ClearSpace helps teams reach the next level through an approach that is pragmatic and results-focused:

  • Addressing both attitudes and actions
  • Engaging directly with the work of the team and its everyday interactions
  • Focusing on individual team members’ growth as well as team dynamics
  • Creating shared accountability for goals, team culture and norms
  • Balancing learning new concepts with “getting on the mat” and practicing new skills over time

What It Looks Like


We use a combination of interviews and best-in-class assessments to surface key themes, learn about each other and increase psychological safety


Monthly modules combine reading, podcasts and videos to learn the toolkit of effective teams


During monthly meetings the team acknowledges wins, shares progress, practices new skills, and holds themselves accountable for progress against goals, behaviors and mindsets to reinforce the team culture and results


Monthly one-on-one coaching with the team leader and each team member support their individual growth and development in a confidential setting